Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations


Applicant Any organization/individual who submits the application form to be considered for the purpose of the Awards
Awards India Packaging Awards, 2019
Awards Management UBM India Pvt Ltd (‘UBM’)
Jury Group of persons selected by UBM to assist in determination of winners in each category
Rules These rules and regulations governing the Awards, may be amended from time to time

Objective of the Awards

To recognize innovation and excellence in the Indian pharma packaging segment, to encourage development and to create a platform to celebrate the pharma packaging industry at a national level

Awards Categories

  • The Awards will be conducted as follows:
Excellence in Sustainable Packaging Recognize initiatives that have led to development and manufacturing of eco-friendly and socially beneficial packaging
  • Liquid Orals
  • Solid Dosage Forms
  • Semi-solid and Pressurized products
  • Injectables
Excellence in Packaging Design Recognize packaging design initiatives that have improved the product's appeal with respect to from commercial, aesthetic, compliance and/or efficiency perspectives
  • Shapes and Structures
  • Print & Production Quality
  • Graphics & Brand Value Add
  • Point of Sale (POS)
Excellence in R&D This award recognises the excellence & innovation of the company’s R & D practices with respect to the packaging design, impact & sustainability of the business
  • Cost Improvement
  • Development of new technology/product
Excellence in Enhanced User Experience Recognize packaging initiatives that fulfils a user need and/or provides an enhanced user experience NA
Anti Counterfeit This Award recognises companies who have adopted Anti Counterfeit measures to secure the packaging of the product which has also helped them to minimize losses in terms of revenue & loyalty
  • Shapes and Structures
  • Print & Production Quality
  • Graphics & Brand Value Add
  • Point of Sale (POS)
Integrated Drug delivery Systems Recognise drug device combination system that has helped patient to intake dosage as per adherence
  • Liquid Orals
  • Solid Dosage Forms
  • Semi-solid and pressurized products
  • Injectables
Packaging Team of the year Recognise group of Packaging development professionals for their excellence & innovation throughout the year NA
Excellence in Packaging Machinery Recognize packaging machinery initiatives that improve and better product output, efficiency and productivity of the manufacturing process
  • Machinery Manufacturers
  • Machinery Users
  • The Award categories may be changed / modified / split / merged / increased or cancelled by the Awards Management and / or Jury based on the number of entries received in any category, and the quality of the entries. The decision in this regard will be final and non-contestable. The Awards management will not entertain any queries in this regard
  • In the event that no Applicant in a category is found to be worthy of inclusion by the Jury, the Award category may be cancelled by the Jury. The Jury may decide to add nominees in the category to maintain high standards of participation

Eligibility Criteria for participation in the Awards

  • The category specific eligibility criteria are mentioned on the application form for the respective category
  • The entry must be for the applicants’ projects in one of the award categories
  • Employees and immediate family members of UBM, sponsors and partners of the awards are not allowed to participate
  • An Organization cannot participate on behalf of its sister units, parent organization or other organizations under the parent organization
  • The final eligibility of the applicants will be subject to the discretion and approval of the Awards Management and Jury
  • Participation in the awards is subject to defined rules and regulations available on website


  • Efforts will be made to adhere to the defined timelines. However, the defined timelines are subject to change based on unforeseen circumstances
  • Awards Management and its sub-contractors shall not be held accountable / liable for any disruptions / stoppages / interruptions or cancellation of the Awards or its ceremony or any part of its processes or public voting on account of any factors beyond its control

Call for entries and participation

  • The call for entries for the Awards will be announced in one or more relevant edition(s) of a leading publication, online through the website and / or by direct communication with potential Applicants and / or through trade bodies, and that shall be construed to be adequate notice for call for entries
  • The application form will also be made available on the website
  • Awards Management and / or Jury have the right to nominate any person in any award category to build the quality of entries in that award category
  • An applicant can apply in multiple award categories.
  • Each application form can be used only for a single entry in each award category.
  • A separate application form has to be used to apply for each category wherever applicable
  • If additional application forms are required, a photocopy of the application form can be used or additional forms can be downloaded from the website
  • Jury has the right to reclassify application forms from one category to another, at its discretion

Receipt of entries

  • Sending an application for the Awards in any manner will be construed as an acceptance to the Rules and Regulations stated herein
  • The application may be submitted in any of the following ways:
    • Email the completed application form to
    • Send a hard copy of the completed application form and the general information section via courier to:
      Mr. Ritesh Indulkar, UBM India Pvt. Ltd., Unit No 1 & 2, 5th Floor, Times Square, Marol, Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri East, Mumbai 400 059, India T: +91 (22) 6172 7272 ext. 7076| M: +91 9664219292| F: +91 (22) 6172 7273|
  • Last date for receiving completed application forms is 12th April 2019
  • Receipt of application forms after last date of receipt specified may be permitted only at the discretion of the Awards Management
  • Awards Management will not be responsible for application forms that are lost in transit / received late / damaged
  • Entries that are unreadable or damaged may not be considered

Completeness of entries/ Disqualification

  • All mandatory fields of the application form needs to be complete in all respects; else it may be disqualified from participation
  • Supporting material such as packaging samples, photos, articles, awards and accolades and other material can be submitted for each entry on a non-returnable basis
  • Disqualification of entries is at the sole discretion of the Jury, on a case by case basis
  • If at any time, any information provided by any Applicant is found to be incorrect in any manner, then that entry will be disqualified from the Awards
  • Determination of whether information provided by the Applicant is fair and accurate rests with Awards Management and Jury

Additional Information

  • Applicants may be contacted for any additional information to verify the information provided. Such information sourced from the Applicants will become part of the original application.
  • Awards Management has the right to ask for documentary proof of information. If such a request is made and the Applicant does not comply within timeline specified from the date the request is made, the Applicant may be disqualified from participation in the Awards
  • Awards Management or team appointed by Awards Management will try to contact the Applicant on best effort basis by any means deemed appropriate.
  • In the event it is not possible to contact any Applicant to obtain information on them, interview them, etc. such Applicant may be disqualified from further participation

Winner Determination

  • The eligible applications would be presented to the Jury will score / rank the Applicants on predefined evaluation parameters, based on the application form submitted by them
  • Applicants may be contacted for any additional information or / and conduct field visit may be conducted to verify the information provided
  • There could be one or more winners in each award category, at the discretion of the Jury
  • The determination of who should receive an award for any award category rests with the Jury
  • The Jury’s decision is final and binding on all applicants

Validity and Correctness of Information

  • If at any time, including after the conclusion of the award ceremony, any information provided by any Applicant(s), is found to be incorrect in any manner, then the Applicant will be liable to be disqualified and / or return the Award
  • Determination of whether information provided as fair and accurate rests with the Jury and Awards Management.
  • Submission of signed application form by the Applicant will be considered as declaration of completeness and correctness of the information provided


  • Applicant agrees that the Applicant is legally capable of entering and, if selected, participating in the Awards and agree to the Rules. Applicant is competent (i.e. Applicant are of legal age and mental capacity) and eligible to enter into this legally binding agreement on Applicant
  • Applicants understand and agree that merely applying for these Awards does not entitle them to a prize or to any other form of consideration
  • Participation in the Awards will be construed as an acceptance of the Rules and Regulations stated herein.
  • Information provided by the Applicant will be confidential and will be used only for the limited purpose of evaluating the Applicant’s entry to these Awards
  • The process is not subject to review of any Applicant. Awards Management will not entertain any communication in this regard from any Applicant.
  • Awards Management will not be liable or held responsible for loss of information submitted for participation on account of failure or delay by post / courier etc.
  • Applicants permit free of cost, the use of their name, information about them as sourced from public media, and factual information about their participation, in public media (for the build-up to the Awards, during the Awards ceremony, etc.) and do not have any right to any revenues earned through intellectual property rights generated by the Awards, if any.
  • Applicant shall be completely responsible for handling any infringement or alleged infringement and shall indemnify the Awards Management from any claims, costs or damages from infringement or alleged infringement of the logo or trademark or the defense of a claim or any costs payable thereof
  • The Awards Management cannot and shall not be accountable / liable for any disruptions / stoppages / interruptions or cancellation of the Awards. The Awards Management and its contractors cannot be held responsible for matters out of its control and for force majeure reasons
  • Should an Applicant wish to withdraw from the Awards, they should kindly inform Awards management in writing at any time up to two weeks prior to the final awards ceremony
  • Awards management reserves the right to make the final judgment in case of any ambiguity in rules/ disputes.
  • The Awards Management reserves the right to, at its discretion, withdraw or amend or add to the Rules of the Awards at any time, with prospective or retrospective effect, and does not take responsibility for any loss or damage that any individual or organization may suffer as a result of participating or attempting to participate in the Awards, the Awards being withdrawn or its Rules amended.
  • In the event these Rules do not cover any question or complaint in relation to the Awards, the same will be concluded on by the Awards Management (for all other issues) or an independent body or legal team as appointed by the Awards Management and deemed necessary.
  • All disputes relating to or arising out of the Awards shall be subject to the laws of India, and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of competent jurisdiction at Mumbai.
  • The Applicants agree that they shall hold harmless the Awards Management, its employees, officers, contractors, partner or other persons used by them in relation to these Awards and shall defend them against any loss, claim, demands, costs, damages, judgments, expenses or liability arising out of or in connection with any or all claims whether or not groundless, that may be brought against the Awards Management by any third party in connection with participation in or winning the Award
  • If Applicants are unclear as to the rules or any element of the Awards or have any queries/concerns pertaining to these Awards, they can write in with their questions, concerns or queries to the following address:
    Mr. Ritesh Indulkar, UBM India Pvt. Ltd., Unit No 1 & 2, 5th Floor, Times Square, Marol, Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri East, Mumbai 400 059, India T: +91 (22) 6172 7272 ext. 7076| M: +91 9664219292| F: +91 (22) 6172 7273|

The Company shall endeavor to the best of its ability to respond thereto


Awards Management has no obligation to screen the entry material in advance, and is not responsible for monitoring entries for the purpose of preventing violation of intellectual property ownership rights, or violations of any law, rule or regulation. If Awards Management is notified of submissions or materials that may not conform to the Rules, it may investigate the allegation and determine in good faith and in its sole discretion whether to eliminate such an entry from consideration. The Awards Management has no liability or responsibility to Applicants or other users of the Website for performance or non-performance of such activities.